12 September 2011

Deer Me...

I've been enjoying a family of deer for the past few months. The mother leads twins from last year, plus one spotted fawn from this year around the woods and meadows where I live. They often come right up to my porch while browsing. They stare at my dogs but ignore them as long as the dogs don't start running around and barking at them.

I've been working on the dogs to stay put and watch with me. They are doing fine at that most of the time.

When I went up to pick Huckleberries in July the mother doe snorted at me and kept circling around me to let me know I was a threat. I have neighbors who claim they have been attacked by a doe. I never spotted the spotted fawn when I was out in the woods, but I often see her peeking out of bushes when I'm out in the yard.

It is nice to have a family visit.