25 April 2013

Which Winch Wench...

After being stuck in the slush and then the mud about a dozen times this spring I went searching for a portable winch. I have the old "come-along" and fifty feet of cable, and a forty foot chain, and a twenty-foot towing strap, and a twenty-foot stretchy tow cord -- and all have been put to use in various combinations. I now have  biceps with more numbers than my I.Q.

I remember the portable winch that I want. I went to the magazine storage and pulled out a copy of the advertisement and there it was. So I tried to order it. Oops! Nobody at that phone, nobody at that address, no winches laying around. Off to the internet I went because you can find anything there, right?

Apparently the last time the winch was available was in 1981 which just happens to be the same date as the advertisement I saved. Various combinations of the name, deep digging, searching at the speed of WiFi, and nothing returns the product I want, nor anything similar.

I thought this was the age when you could find anything you wanted. I need a special winch but can't find it. Perhaps I should be looking for a wench instead?

08 April 2013


Here we are in the rainy season....which of course means that part of the time it is snowing and raining together. Yesterday I saw six different types of snow mixed in with the rain and perioddically got hail rattling across the tin roof.

Now that I have a larger solar panel bolted to the cabin the two batteries I use for powering things are staying charged much better. This allows me to use the laptop for 3-5 hours a day. Soon I should be adding WiFi to that as well. I took advantage of the power available to write up a proposal for NPR (National Public Radio). A new show concept for music from living composers. I hope that they will be interested in the program concept. I've already got a few potential sponsors planned for the show and also took the time to write up proposals for them.

Now I just wait on the proverbial pins and needles and see if perhaps they stick...