31 December 2015

Donuts! Round things with lots of sugar...

I have traveled many different paths, but didn't think I'd get back to baking. I did baking for one summer on off-shore drilling rigs. In the next few days I'll be cleaning up a bakery that went out of business and preparing to open a donut shop. It will make donuts, pastries, muffins, and then also serve waffle and omelette breakfasts.

It will be called Lilly's, after a young friend of mine who is supposed to be joining in the operation of it. She is, sadly, also waiting to hear about another job application. I'm keeping the name anyway. Previously known as "The Bakers Stone". I think it should be "The Baker's Stone." There are some web links to the old name so we are including it as part of Lilly's logo. If anybody calls on their old phone number we'll just have to answer, "Lilly's Baker's Stone" although we are not going to emphasize it in marketing. The logo still includes both names.

I've never, ever, enjoyed getting up early. For years I could barely get any sleep until about 4am to about 7am. Now I don't have that problem, but now I have to get up then. I envy all you folks who are able to do that successfully. Hope it gets easier.

Lilly's is a new challenge, and I really have to thank my friends who have helped with the funding of it. Working out all the details will be a interesting. I am confident that Lilly's will be successful.

You'll want to come by and check us at when you are in Republic, WA.