31 October 2011

The layover...

If this was a plane I'd be on a two week layover. But this is not a plane, it is an ancient RV that ran out of gas and then had a starter fail. So it was more like a two week hibernation.

Cash flow resumes tomorrow, starter is now replaced, gas tank will be full to the engine's gulping top and I'll be on the concert tour again.

I find lots of WiFi sites I can reach while parked so I can continue the marketing of concerts, sales of music, submission of manuscripts, and general chit chat on FB or Twitter. Of course, part of my marketing is right up there at the top of the page, the various links to reach the sites that have some part of me.

I might mention that in 2010 I only composed 11 solo instrumentals pieces while most years I compose in excess of 25. The 25 is good since my subscription guarantees 25 an automatic extension on the subscription.  In the past two weeks I have composed fourteen solo works and twenty-three since the beginning of October. Also added another duet while continuing work on some large form compositions. 

The weather is fixing to change in a few days, and I'll be on the road, but I'm sure I won't be outrunning the snow and cold. Oh well, its just another challenge.

21 October 2011

To My Children...

To you, each of you, I give my heart, my soul, my love. I have never stopped loving you. I miss you to the point of tears each and every day. I long to know you and my grandchildren with the very core of my being.

I love you; and, although I may not have been a perfect father I know that I was not a bad father. The pain of having lost your love is worse than burning alive.

I miss you; your presence empowered my life, and your absence leaves me drained and broken.

I long to know you; even though I see your aura in the distance, and feel your heartbeats with each breath I take, I long to know you, to know my grandchildren, to know the lives of those I love.

Above all, I fear rejection should I breach my shell and seek for you.

Each of you: I long for you, I miss you, and, I love you.