27 May 2011


What a thrill it is...

Twitter user @pensake (Rob Graham) interviewed me as a freelance editor on his blog "The Write Knight". It was posted on 25 May 2011 so you'll find it at http://goo.gl/17nxW at the top or in the May 2011 Archives. Please, while you are there, take the time to look around his blog because there are some other great articles. Enjoy the visit.

If you wish to comment on the interview please do so there and I will try to reply. If you think I've missed replying you can contact me on Twitter @jesterhay or by emailing danielhay@gmail.com.

16 May 2011

Video Contest...

I had a friend who was going to work with me to create a video based upon the musical score "Taking Tea With Lady Grey".

I'd like to challenge video producers, trailer makers, film clip creators, of all types to create their work of art using my music. The music is about 5 and one half minutes long. The only thing that I require is that only my music is used, and that I receive credit for the music. I'd like to be able to create a web page listing each piece.

You can listen to "Taking Tea With Lady Grey" at http://danielhay.podbean.com and if you are interested in creating a work of art with it I can provide you a .wav or .mp3 file for your soundtrack.

All received entries will also be listed here in my blog, many times on Twitter, and on a separate web page.

Share this with those you know may be interested.


Last fall I was off grid so intensely that I had no connection to the internet at all. Presently I have a few hours most days provided that there is fuel in the generator and that not to much storm interference conflicts with the satellite dish.

Although I find the restrictions somewhat bothersome I enjoy the benefits of permaculture by design, nature walks, wood splitting, tending the critters.

In a few weeks, or months, I may be back to a summer long disconnect. It is possible I will spend the summer in a forest sifting through gravels on the bottom of an ice cold stream, again. The sifting is to find tiny specks of gold. Previously I've been as long as 8 months on a gold claim. I expect this time only 3-4 months.

For those who follow me - don't be worried. I intend to return and if I don't it was probably for a good reason.

Oh my, I just bit into a whole clove of garlic that is POTENT.... catch ya later.