23 November 2015

It is amazing how time flies. Without looking I couldn't tell you how long it has been since I did a blog. Been way to busy with other priorities. However, I realize that I want to get it updated again and try to be active with new blogs. Lots of luck with that, eh?

I will be trying to get the links here updated and will again try to be interesting -- or not.

At this moment I have a CD of Christmas Carols that I arranged for Clarinet, Flute, and Cello and still have copies available for sale. I am also finishing the Cello music CD and am taking pre-orders for it. For either, just send me an email at danielhay@gmail.com

So, how's that for getting caught up? I have a handful of computers running various projects. This computer just arrived today. Janet and I both have refurbished Acer Chrombooks. Just by chance they are matching units.

Thanks for your visit -- stimulate me to stay active here.