24 February 2010

(Book) -- It Is A Colorful Day...

(Sneak preview...seeking publisher...excerpt...send links to friends...by Daniel J Hay.)

It is a colorful day today. The sky is super blue and the sun is blazing yellow. A few puffy white clouds are floating along. I like those colors.

The grass is greener than a frog. The tree bark is browner than a worm. The house is painted pink. And I like those colors too.

I wonder what color I should make my clothes today? Should they match? Should they clash? Stripes, or dots, or perhaps ziggity-zaggity every which way.

If I had a rainbow I could wear it on my shirt.

If I had a cloud I could paste it on my shoe.

Or maybe I could mow the yard and cover myself with grass.

Okay now, I'm looking in my closet. I think I can find just what I want to wear.

Ah, a shirt that is light brown with short sleeves. On the back it has a big blue ball with white and green. Oh its the world. The entire planet printed on my shirt. On the front a big red heart.

And shorts, hmmm, blue, or green, or black, or brown, or... there they are... Stripped shorts in red, white and blue with gold and silver stars all over. Yes, those will be cool.

Socks will be fun to choose. I think I'll wear a neon-green sock on my left foot. It even has an orange stripe around the top. For my right foot I shall wear a black sock with lots of white dots.

Then I will put on a red sneaker for my left foot and tie it with yellow shoe string. On my right foot a green sneaker with a purple shoe string.

Look at me. I am covered with colors. All I need now is a funny looking hat.

Can you fine one for me to wear?
(Ends with a picture of many hats jumbled in a closet.)

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