26 August 2010

Bootstrapping CD Recording...

At the suggestion of a Twitter Friend I am posting this page link: http://bit.ly/cGAF2M

It provides a way to donate to my recording project via PayPal Donate Button. Is there a reason you should want to help? I think so. Please take a moment to read, or just jump right to donating.

I compose music in the classical genre for chamber groupings and solo performance. Surprisingly some people think of my music as any of new age, meditational, spiritual, baroque, or renaissance. I also perform with my Flauto Dolce (sweet voice flute) which in the USA are called Recorders. (I assure you this is not the sound of fifth grader Recorders.) If you think of the instruments as wood flutes you will hear and even feel the beauty of their voices.

As a composer I had over 300 pieces of music stolen during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while I was helping a family recover their belongings from a sinking car. The music and also my instruments, which were stolen, were the core of my life. Since then I have acquired some replacement instruments and have written an additional 200+ pieces of music. I am in the midst of a publishing project to get the sheet music in print and archived so I never risk such a loss again. I would like to record all the music to CD masters as well. At present that would take about twelve CDs and 1-4 hours per recording session. A local studio is willing to work with my unique mic'ing requirements for wood flutes. Cost is holding me back. I am looking at total costs of about $70 per hour. At an estimated 30 hrs I need to raise over $2,100.

Because I can record in sessions of one hour each, if needed, I can work with small amounts and spread it out over time. If you would be willing to help with ANY amount of donation towards this project I would be very appreciative. Every donator will be listed on the CD insert by name or @Twittername (by permission) and every donation will receive a thank you gift of select live recording tracks from recording sessions. Donations over $40 will receive a copy of any two CD titles I am able to create. If you donate $200 or more you will receive each CD produced of the music presently written (estimated at 10-12 CDs). {If there are any sales proceeds I will share prorated to donations received.}

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