21 October 2011

To My Children...

To you, each of you, I give my heart, my soul, my love. I have never stopped loving you. I miss you to the point of tears each and every day. I long to know you and my grandchildren with the very core of my being.

I love you; and, although I may not have been a perfect father I know that I was not a bad father. The pain of having lost your love is worse than burning alive.

I miss you; your presence empowered my life, and your absence leaves me drained and broken.

I long to know you; even though I see your aura in the distance, and feel your heartbeats with each breath I take, I long to know you, to know my grandchildren, to know the lives of those I love.

Above all, I fear rejection should I breach my shell and seek for you.

Each of you: I long for you, I miss you, and, I love you.

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