11 December 2009

Nutritional Data (for real)...

Do you read the label on the food products you buy? They put them there to help us help ourselves stay healthy. What you find on some of them should warn you off of ingesting the contents, but most people glance at part of the label and then just chomp chomp or chug chug.

At the bottom of this blurb there is a link to an intriguing site about nutrition. Why would I have an interest in nutrition? Well its actually three fold, or maybe only two fold with a twist or an extra wrinkle. Maybe there are no folds which certainly is best for my waist, right?

In 2004 I was diagnosed with diabetes which as we all know is a metabalic disorder characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood. Yeah, the blood sugar stuff. As a matter of fact my glucose level was so high it was off the emergency room's meter, off the hospital lab's test chart, and had to be diluted to come to a number. Whew....and I was laying on the bed in a flimsy robe in a freezing exam room suffering severe cramping in the bottoms of my feet while they tried to figure that out.

Hence I had a thirteen hour overnighter at the hotel Hospital. In that time they ran three insulin IV bags through me, gave me several handfuls of little tables, and not only injected me in the ole tum tum, but had me inject me in the ole tum tum every two hours.

Then they sent me home because I had no insurance and told me how to take the pills and change my diet. BOOM! instant diet change. Two years later, after numerous evaluations I was told I did not have diabetes.

Now, either the first diagnosis was wrong or the second set was wrong. I don't have diabetic symptoms any more, but I used to. Am I cured? Its a miracle! Its my guess I was, am, are, is, borderline diabetic so I continue to stay fairly faithful to my diet. "Faithful" brings up another topic that I'm not going to bring up. And I'm not going to tell you all about my diet either.

I'm going to tell you why I'm even discussing this. You see, one thing I did was immediately switch to a grain/seed breakfast nearly every morning. And, I'm nearing production of this particular mixture for resale. So there is a reason to be tellling you about it, and about the nutritional webpage I started out leading you with. You can order Daniel's Power Cereal at http://bit.ly/6dEWto .

That page is loaded with the nutritional details of so many things that it will be odd for you to try one that they a haven't compiled. Wanna go see? Of course you do. Just visit http://www.nutritiondata.com/ and know that I am not associated with them in any manner. (Isn't that how you state there is no financial gain for me to have you go there?) Go ahead, try Alfalfa Seed. Yes, of course, you've always wanted to know the nutritional value of that tiny little seed that grows up to be cut down and bound into bales for feedinf four legged farm critters.

Not only will they have the food-label style of information but they have wonderful color charts of the values for most foods and ingredients. I've checked all the ingredients of my Power Ceral mix and got information on most of them. I didn't find any complete data on Flax Seed or Hemp Seed, but there is info on Flax in other forms.

So what is this Power Cereal mix? Its my own personal blending that I eat nearly every morning and is about as quick to fix as instant oatmeal. Oatmeal is good for you, you know, but my blend is even better, and you can always add the oatmeal to it. How's that for a useful product?

I'm not going to tell you, dear reader, (Like that personal touch?) the exact ingredients and quanity of each here because that would be, well, just giving it all away. But I am going to try and sell by mail-order, fairly soon so you'll probably see an announcement flash by -( see announcement flashing by? )- and then you can take a look yourself.

The twofold and threefold mentioned are that I lost 30 pounds in the first six months of my diet change. That change was only three things, my ceral mix most mornings, no fast food meals, and no more sugar in most instances. I wobble in my keeping to the no sugar and no fast food meals, but still, almost six years later, stick to my cereal. Yeah for me!

If you have health problems - FIX your diet.

( This blog edited 12/13/2009 to include links to Daniel's Power Cereal at http://bit.ly/6dEWto )

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