12 December 2009

Veteran and Humane Care...

One of my contacts has a contact that I thought I recalled having seen and/or photographed so I clicked on the button to view their profile. From the picture I couldn't be sure if I had or if I had not met or photographed them, but I noticed where they worked.

I am moved, deeply moved, by human care of animals -- and more so by our mistreatment of them. It bothers me a lot.

So I sent the following mesage because this person works at an important humane care facility. A new friend I hoped, and that was based upon the pet theory that my dogs have always upheld. If they like somebody then I'll probably like them. If they mistreat my dogs I don't feel inclined to respect them or include them in my biosphere. Well, being a friend of a friend, and being friended by animals she is befriending, should be a pretty good vote of confidence. Now I haven't mentioned her name because I didn't ask her to let me write this. But some of you know her and if you don't you can choose any humane society individual to befriend.

Anyway, long winded that I am, here is my message to her:

"As a veteran, this past year I've been thanked by a number of people for serving. Its good that the current new vets are thanked although I wonder why it took so long to remember the other vets.

However, I wanted to thank you for taking care of those animals that have often seen the bad side of humanity. Please tell your co-workers that many of us are thankful because there was nothing else we could do to help.

When the police in Fort Worth told me there was nothing they could do about the man beating his dog I was shocked. I hope that the good you and others in humane care can do outweighs the evil of so many pet owners.

Again, thanks."

And in response I got a great note when all I was seeking was to add a worthy friend link. She replied:

"First off, Thank You for your service. I am a former Marine Reservist and my father was a Disabled American Veteran in the Air Force.

Secondly, thank you again. It is folks like you that keep folks like me doing what we are doing. Some days it seems we are outnumbered and overwhelmed, but we continue to preach animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. I believe education is the key. Yes, there are those out there that will abuse an animal just because, but there are more that do it unwittingly... They just don't know any better.

There are laws that need to be changed and updated and made easier to enforce, and that is where we need to start.

Thank you again for your support and well wishes. It makes it easier to do what we do knowing we have people behind us!"

You may note that I only told her I was a veteran. I didn't mention that I am a disabled veteran and that I served in the Air Force. That, to me, is some coincidence. You may ask why I even mentioned that in the first place?

I find it easier to write things even in messages that have lead-in to the topic. Even more so, if the reader is a stranger or an unknown recipient. It sets up a comparison that can be related to. In this instance that opening comparitive subject just happens to fit her father, and herself.

So this total blog is not about Veteran Care as some may have expected. That in itself is a touchy subject. Nor is it about just Humane Care. But, after I got her response I realized that I had material for a blog that could touch on two subjects I favor.

One, the longer our military personel are out and away the lower our national respect and concern gets for those individuals. And as many of us know, in previous military clashes our veterans were ignored, disdained, and sometimes forgotten. This time they aren't. Not YET. Please don't forget what they serve nor forget that they do serve.

Two, the many shelters and humane care facilities in our country are often understaffed, and under funded. Animals under human control can suffer many of the same mental and emotional traumas that we humans do. They also suffer physically from mistreatment. Be sure to have all pets spayed/neutered. And remember that you can help with even the smallest donation of money or time.

So two birds in the bush with this blog and now you can listen to them sing.

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