16 March 2013

Short timing...

Does it ever amaze you how fast time continues to fly by? I look at how long it has been since I posted to my own blog and wonder where time has gone? I distinctly remember numerous times when I had things to add to it, and yet, my short time left me in the lurch so the blog got postponed.

I have been living off-grid (no power) for a a long time time and haul the laptop to town to access the internet when I have time. Seems to me I have more of the short time than I can find a use for. I need some of the long time phases to get stuff done.

So, quickly, I built a cabin in the woods. It snowed a lot. The wood stove was warm. The bed has lots of blankets that my dogs love to lay upon. I have two car batteries for power of small items and a few small solar panels for juicing some life back into the batteries. Last week I put a large solar panel up and have gotten much more done in the same short times than what I used to get done.

I still read dozens of books per year, and in the past twelve months have averaged two baker's dozens per week of most any genre. Still writing and submitting manuscripts to agents - someday, someday, someday I'll get them in print.

After a long hiatus, mentally forced, during 2012 I am again composing and as of today I'm at Opus 629. I've begun composing instrumentals with piano, and have done some arranging of soprano/piano into soprano/tenor/piano pieces, and wrote a piano concerto with five movements (Pentamerous). And just this week I bought a Casio electronic piano even though I can't play piano. Ah ha~you think I'm crazy? Nope! Just got it because I can input compositions quicker by playing the notes on the keyboard instead of clicking, clicking, clicking on the mouse-pad in the laptop. Much nicer being able to add an entire staff of notes in chords than having to do all that clicking. Whew!!!! Even finished up two older incomplete pieces.

So nothing else for now ~~ hoping that I don't take such a long time to update the blog.

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