27 November 2009

Publishing Hopes...

I have a rather long list of children's book titles to which I am seeking receptive publishers. This is a time consuming process and can only be handled in stages. Right now I am shopping three of my titles to both literary agents and publishers.

Wanting to speed up the process I have completed months of digging and delving research on alternate ways of publishing. Print-on-demand (POD), eprint, vanity press, full press but no marketing, etc... I have chosen DragonPencil Press as my best alternate solution because they have well structured process from design, illustration, editing, printing, warehousing, marketing.  Yet, it is costly.

Would you be interested in helping? Ah, the pitch, here it comes... but first let me ask another question. You know all the producers and directors you see listed on movie credits (do you read them)? Some of them are only listed because they put up money. They do so, of course for the clout but with the intention of making a profit off of the film.

Would you be interested in helping publish? What it means is that you make an investment in my publishing effort. In return I will list you in the book as an Associate Publisher, or Assistant Associate Publisher, or Assistant Publisher. The level, and the size and prominence of the type used on your name, would depend upon your investment amount. You would be in the credits.

Your return?  Of course there is no way to guarantee the total return and like any investment it could be a loss. What I can guarantee is that you will recieve a prorated share of 50% of the proceeds again based upon your portion of the investment for that book. You will continue receiving your share from any reprint runs until you have received your investment plus 12%. Although your name will always be in future reprints, your return ends on whichever run completes after hitting your minimum. You might make more if that run is large. It is simple but must be considered a high risk.

Details... I have chosen DragonPencil because of the entire process and quality of product. Publishing is not cheap. These are hard cover books, with or without Read Along CDs. The cost varies from title to title based upon things such as word count, page count, illustration counts, marketing plan, number of books printed, etc... I am going to choose three titles to work with but only one at a time. Their entry onto the market will be timed only by available funding assistance.

How much? The first title has an estimate of $11,000-$13,000. Therefore I am going to ask for assistance in a total of $13,000 but will accept it in increments from many people or larger increments from only a few, or even one sole investor. Your choice of amount. When the total is reached I send it off to press. If enough funds are made available I will do up to three titles in this manner.

Added benefits... I will continue pursuing the Grandpa Jester series of four books with lit agents and publishers. Each publishing pathway will enrich the other. Being in print either way supports the titles of any publishing method. Showing that one title sells well is an added consideration for the large publishing houses. DragonPencil is part of Whimsical which includes Big Tent Books and Castlebridge Books. Since I am still seeking big house publishing, and expect that will happen one day, I will tag 25% of any royalties earned off of any other title published and use it to speed along your investment return.

If you are interested in this project please contact me at danielhay@gmail.com and we will arrange funds and a letter of agreement.

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