26 November 2009

Why Giving Thanks...

Giving thanks is often forgotten in Thanksgiving.

As with all holidays many people forget the reason behind it and dote on their comfort and enjoyment. It is great to have family gathered, to enjoy extra special foods, to be off work perhaps, to relax...

Relax! What... who is getting to relax. For every holiday parts of the family are working harder and with much less thanks for the effort than they generally do. Do we remember them and make an extra effort to let them know. Do we let them know they are appreciated with more than just saying, "That was very good."

The labor in celebrating should be as shared as the euphoria in enjoying. The holiday should be shared not just partaken of. The appreiciation should be remembered throughout the year.

While we are enjoying the fruits of somebody's labor, perhaps our own, are we remembering the reason for the holiday? Are we thinking of those who can not enjoy the holiday? Do we recall that there are many who no longer have a family to celebrate with, those who are unable to find their families, those beyond holiday reach?

As you share your holiday spirit with your family remember those who have no way to share. Remember that there are many who are lonely, struggling, or remote. Make an effort year long to share with them as well. A little bit multiplied by often and many can make a great effect.

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